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Sugar-rush Supper

I’m a student, unfortunately and fortunately.

Unfortunately, because late night studying are aplenty. Fortunately, because it also means fixing quick sugar-rush suppers!

On a 5-min (or so) break from my essay now, to gobble down my supper:

PB & J sandwich

Nothing goes best with em than a cuppa Hot Chocolate.

And and and, presenting… my best friend in the whole entire world:

Abundant Earth Organic Drinking Chocolate.

Got my first dose of this helluva a hot choco from Coles while on vacation in Gold Coast. Intoxicated ever since! And woohoo, you can grab it here at either Cold Storage or Marketplace!

Grab yours! You know you want to. =)


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The fun starts Here

This one, I promise, would be a more photo-heavy post. One too many recipe posts lately, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking?

This is what happened last Sunday –

Just a few samples of Cold Stone facts (if you don’t already know)!

The first Cold Stone Creamery was officially opened in Tempe, Arizona in 1988, by Donald and Susan Sutherland.

The Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream cookie sandwiches made its debut in 2009.

Cold Stone Creamery Singapore celebrates their 3rd month as the first franchise outlet in Singapore on 12th June 2011.

Now, here are a few scoops on why I personally love Cold Stone Creamery!

The signs says it all! Love their clever use of wordplay, so stepping in had me bursting into little chuckles.

I love their enthusiastic, friendly and helpful crew! Singing, entertaining, cheering, dancing, smiling, tossing and mixing ice cream – all in a day’s work! Phew!

And most importantly, they serve daaaaaaaaamn good ice cream. Seriously. Every flavour embodies the true taste of its names and texture-wise, really creamy! Simply flawless! Mad love!

And if you’ve got good ice cream, whatever way you serve it – be it with yummy mix-ins or in a smoothie – you just know it’ll be good.

So, last Sunday, I made my way down to Cold Stone Creamery at Orchard Central to get my first nibble of their new Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.

Tasted 3 quarter cookie samples and will definitely be back for more (anti-clockwise order):

Kiss N’ Tell Chocolate (my absolute favourite!) is Chocolate ice cream sandwiched in a pair of chocolate chip cookies and rolled in chocolate. Lovelove!

Cookie Crumb Yum is Sweet Cream ice cream hidden in really good chocolate chip cookies and rolled in Oreo crumbs. Now, who doesn’t love Oreos?

Cake Batter Sprinkle is Cake Batter ice cream in chocolate chip cookies, rolled in rainbow sprinkles. This would be a hit for the kids, I reckon.

My take on the cookie sandwich? Like it Love it Gotta have it!

Head to Orchard Central for your Ultimate Ice Cream Experience! And be prepared to queue on weekday nights and weekends, but I’m telling you, it’s totally worth it! Really!

Good service + Good ice cream melts my heart anytime. =)

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