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A little bit of This, A little bit of That

There are some many days that; despite the stacks of recipe books and stashes of recipe sheets, I just can’t decide what to cook. Sometimes Most of the time, I’m just plain lazy and just want one dish that had everything in it.

Today, was a fine example – took out the many bundles of greens and oranges and yellows in the fridge, thawed a handful of prawns that were just de-shelled two days ago, choppity-chop some chillies, tomatoes, garlic and onion. and tadaaaa!

Sweet & Sour Prawns, (with about 7 different mismatched vegetables, no less.)

And ermm excuse me, while I dig in? Have a great dinner, lovelies!


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Mushroom soup for the Soul

Sure, every couple has their differences. But the thing that keeps em together, is probably the one thing that both share and love in common. And for me & my mister, needless to say, it’s food.

Fish & Co., amongst many other food joints, hits a soft spot in both our hearts (and bellies, haha). Now, if you’re thinking that I’m gonna go on and on about

How yummy their grilled calamari is,

Or how their mussels in garlic butter sauce is a must have,

Or how their new range of fish & chips pack a whole load of flavour,

Or how their grilled king prawn is truly king,

You’re wrong. Hehe.

Weird but true, Fish & Co. serves the best mushroom soup. IKR.

Love how they take pride in their Soup of the Day, even though it’s just soup of the day.

I don’t know; me & my mister have been to many cafe/bistro/restaurant and soup of the day pretty much tastes like they came straight out of the can, into the six-spoonfuls-a-bowl, popped into the microwave to reheat, and served at our tables in a jiffy.

But this one’s different.

Fish & Co.’s mushroom soup has the most perfect (un-canned soup-like) type of consistency. It’s pretty obvious that it has the richest, earthiest mushroomy aroma- i mean, there has to be at least a gazillion little morsels of mushroom in the soup. And portion is good too. Too much of a good thing, is always good, no?

All that yummy-ness before you even start on your main course. Appetizing as hell. There’s a catch though. Since it’s soup of the day and not a side order, they may or may not have it all the time. Bet you’ll be smiling yourself silly when you’re ushered to your seat, your waiter hands the menu and says “Our soup of the day is Mushroom Soup.”

It’s not always the same at every outlet, so, here’s our top 3 picks:

Fish & Co. Ion Orchard, Paragon and Airport T2.

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