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Oyster Cravings

So, I went to the wet market today to get my stock of poultry and seafood.

And whilst picking through prawns and playing with cockles and crabs (hehe, you know how the cockles clam tight when you poke at them and how crabs blink!) this morning, I had the most random, sudden, where-did-that-come-from craving for oysters.

And they didn’t have any at the neighbourhood wet markets. Boo!

Fresh oysters with a pinch of salt and a generous squeezing of lemon, to be exact. Going crazy, right about now.

If you need to satisfy your craving (just like I do), I know a place where you can get em fresh ones for about 2 bucks a piece:

Live Seafood Supplies

670 Lor 42 Geylang

You’ll find more than oysters there – many odd sea creatures that look like they were resurrected from the Jurassic era. More picking and playing for me, yeay!

No guessing where I’m heading to grab me some.

And remember to get these ready too!

I’m comin’ to getcha! Can’t wait can’t wait!


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