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Worth Every Cent

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d realise that I tried to subconsciously influence you to go for the Ramadhan buffet at a quaint place in the vicinity of Arab St lol. This time, I’m gonna be more blatant about it.

So, about 4 days ago, was the usual weekday Iftar date with my favourite fireboy. I have been aching to get my hands on some decent Nasi Sambal Goreng from Kandahar St; only to be greeted by a zombietown of a bazaar. Yup, serves me right for choosing to go on a Wednesday evening.

Dragged my feet browsing through a few open ones like this busy mini-vadai stall


my yearly must-have lemang fix stall (yesssssahh!).

My Nasi Sambal Goreng disappointment was short-lived when we aimlessly walked through Bussorah Street and discovered a much better deal at Bushra Cafe.

One that costed $9.50.

For less than ten bucks each, we got to choose a main dish from a choice of 10 types of Fried Rice or Noodles and a filled-to-the-brim table buffet of fresh greens, hot finger snacks, traditional Malay kuehs, tantalising dessert, ice-cream and a free-flow of hot and cold drinks. I’ll be quick to defend that the choices weren’t plenty, but the food tasted exactly as they looked.

Authentic and spot-on quality.

Costed a little more than the intended simple fix, but the food was a whole lot more than what my stomach had expected.

Some days later, my fellow Instagrammer friend @_raz decided to give this place a try. I swear I almost died from the responsibility I felt for recommending the place but this is what she had to say (taken off her IG):

“…I was so full till I got no room for ice-cream. Food was nice.. I love the kuih-kuihs the best! Worth every cent!..”

With slightly more than a week left of Ramadhan, this entry may come a little late but it’s definitely worth your every cent. Besides, this majestic beauty welcomes you for some heart & soul indulgence right after, only 20 steps away.

Bushra Cafe

Ramadhan Buffet: $9.5o/adult and $6.00/child



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