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Pleasure after Pressure

Having torturously endured the entire day sans breakfast, lunch nor dinner, Famished was a gross understatement. Spent the past 8 odd hours piecing together two 5000-word reports that were due today.

Yeah, have I told you that I suffer from procrastinate-til-the-last-day-and-realise-I-havent-done-this-and-that syndrome? Not proud of it, but in my defense; I write better and faster under intense self-inflicted pressure.

So after fulfilling my duty as a responsible student, I needed to appease this screaming tummy! I did what any good (good is subjective) girl would….

My heart jumped, my jaw dropped, my tongue flipped and every nerve in my body tingled in sheer excitement – or was that hunger, I’m not certain.

Creamy blanket of cold smooth Haagen Dazs’ Cappucino Truffle ice cream atop a never-enough block of chocolate brownie which was a tad warm and fudgey on the inside, mmmm; finished off with viscous caramel sauce that was a no-no for the faint-hearted.

With every spoonful, I went to dessert heaven and back.

Long-lasting pleasure indeed.

Well-worth every arduous hour spent in hunger today.



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4pm Caffeine fix

Thought I might share with you what a typical 4pm-coffee-break looks like in my home. No fancy-schmancy scone/muffin/quiche/croissant. I want it good and I want it fast, y’know?

Just pretty content with Old Town’s iced hazelnut white coffee & Helema Fourré biscuits (available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon & Banana – grab it at your nearest supermarket!).

And yes, I do dunk it in iced coffee. So wrong, yet so right.

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