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Amirah’s for all Occasions

Middle Eastern cuisine has set a strong foothold here in Singapore. And needless to say, restaurant owners are taking good advantage of this by setting up theirs at locations beyond Arab Street. Albeit, the calmness of Medina-like Arab Street still captures the true essence of dining amidst the aroma of rich spices & puffs of flavoured sheesha.

Amirah’s Grill at Bussorah Street remains a staple go-to for me.

The restaurant interior is heavily-decorated with all things authentically Arab – beautiful embroidered surahs in bright gold on a black velvet canvas, tinted glass lamps, capped swords, camel figurines and intricately woven carpets hung on walls.

Though the restaurant doesn’t exactly boast gold and porcelain sophistication like others do, their top-notch Middle Eastern-Western fusion platters just quite cuts it for me. After all, I am paying for the latter, no?

Food is justly-priced, given the portions are fit for a king. Here’s an example – For $30, you get a delectable meal that is scrumptious all through; from appetizer right up to dessert:

A plate of yummy-to-the-last-swipe hummus with warm pita bread

Chicken or mushroom soup with garlic bread

A main course platter of your choice

Hot/cold drink and Dessert

Enough with the narratives, let’s get on with the feast (for the eyes), shall we?

Hummus with Warm Pita Bread

Remember that hummus I just talked about – it is as good as hummus gets.

Smooth, mild nutty notes, fragrant olive oil and slight tanginess of lemon; warm pita makes the perfect spoon!

Soups (Chicken or Mushroom) with Garlic Bread

The soups are decent-tasting and it definitely whets your appetite for the monstrosity of a plate that comes right after.

After umpteen visits to Amirah’s Grill, these 2 main courses keep appearing in my order list. Mysterious.

1) Turkish Mixed Tenderloin Kebab

Nothing screams Mediterranean more than Kebabs. Quite frankly, this one’s for the fickle-minded who can’t decide the irresistible chicken, lamb and beef selections in the menu. Expect a mixed plate of grilled skewers of boneless chicken, grilled beef tenderloin & pieces of kofta drenched in savoury spiced sauce (read: quadruple YUM); accompanied with choice of Arabic fragrant rice or roasted potatoes.

2) Grilled Lamb Chops

If you’re a die-hard lamb fan, please don’t give this a miss. Please. The fragrant blend of spices that go into this platter does justice to the tender cuts of lamb. The well-marinated fresh lamb is soft and juicy to the bite; is cooked to absolute perfection. Based on experience, I’ve never had the lamb chops reek of any unpleasant mutton odour. Just yummy, juicy, tender chops, dipped in aromatic sauce so good, you’d request for a ladle more!

Drinks & Dessert

When you’re done lapping up your main course, down it with a glass of fresh Alexandria Mango Juice, salty or sweet Labaan, or you may even opt for teapot of hot Morroccan Mint Tea. Refreshing!

And be sure to reserve some space for dessert. You could have a scoop of good ole ice cream or the creme caramel, that is a real treat for a sweet tooth!

All in all, Amirah’s Grill is definitely a great dine-in choice for any occasion – be it bridal showers, boys night out, weekend family lunch or for birthday celebration with your loved ones.

This post was written for Muzlimbuzz (Travel&Food):

Amirah’s for all Occasions 

Muzlimbuzz is an e-magazine that caters to the modern, active, socially-engaged and spiritual Muslim. We aim to document and articulate the Muslim experience, particularly of those in Singapore and in the region. Apart from News and opinion pieces, we have daily columns that cover a wide array of topics from Health to Marriage, Spirituality to Technology, Travel & Photo Essays. In a nutshell, there’s bound to be something that would interest you here at Muzlimbuzz.


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Chocolate is a Vegetable?

So word got around on the www that 7th July is Chocolate Day. Not that there is any reason to have a day to consume these supposed aphrodisiacs in unimaginable quantity, but hey, I’m totally chocolate-biased so:


*sprinkles chocolate rice*

Here are a few chocofacts that every chocoholic ought to know:

Chocolate is derived from cacao beans. Then, sugar is added. Since both cacao and sugar are from plants, thus placing them in the vegetable category. Ultimately, chocolate is a vegetable. 

Milk chocolate was discovered by Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé in 1876 by adding chocolate to sweetened condensed milk.

White chocolate is not chocolate. It contains ingredients such as cacao butter, cream, milk, skim milk and buttermilk.

A whole year’s harvest from one tree makes half a kilo of cocoa.

And in my desperate bid to celebrate at home, I rummaged the fridge in search of the basics of a chocolate molten lava cake. Butter, check – Sugar, check – Flour, check – Eggs, check – Baking chocolate…….. Err.. I had only 3 oz left and the recipe called for 6oz! *hangs head in shame* And na’uh, no way was I gonna half the proportions in the recipe.

I searched the fridge so hard, I could literally climb right in. Nope, still no sign of any plain chocolates. All I had were heaps of Toblerones, M&Ms, Kinder Buenos, Ritter Sport, Ferrero, Snickers and that was it?

So here’s an improvised recipe to bake my lack-of-chocolate molten lava cake:

For Cake:

100g Melted Butter

4 tbsp Caramel Sauce

8 tbsp Powdered Sugar

2 Whisked Eggs

2 Additional Egg Yolks

6 tbsp Flour

For Filling:

1 tbsp Butter

2 oz Baking Chocolate

In a bowl, whisk melted butter with caramel sauce. Add sugar and mix well. Slide in the eggs and egg yolks into the mixture. Once well-incorporated, introduce flour while whisking it. Cake batter ready!

I’m a real sucker for cakes that don’t need me to pull out too many gadgets and gizmos. Naturally, this has to be my ultimate favourite.

In a double boiler (glass or metal bowl that sits atop a pan of hot water), whip butter and chocolate until smooth – the kind of smooth you just wanna stick your finger right in for a ‘taste-test’. I took a tablespoon of this mixture and added it to my cake batter, to darken the faint brown and also to give it a faux chocolate aroma (to hush my insufficient-chocolate conscience I guess).

Now that you’re all set, butter a ramekin – I used my impulsively bought ramekin from Daiso. Cmon, it’s just $2 and it works just as well as any other. I mean, why not, right?

Pour in half of your cake batter, then spread the chocolate&butter mixture in the centre, and top it off with the rest of your cake batter.

Bake at 180°C for 12 minutes, or more if you have to. Once it’s out of the oven, leave it for a minute before inverting it on a flat plate. Grab a slice and serve with ice-cream, like I needed to tell you that!?

Time to bake some, lovelies!

You still have about 7 hours till the end of Chocolate Day today!


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Pleasure after Pressure

Having torturously endured the entire day sans breakfast, lunch nor dinner, Famished was a gross understatement. Spent the past 8 odd hours piecing together two 5000-word reports that were due today.

Yeah, have I told you that I suffer from procrastinate-til-the-last-day-and-realise-I-havent-done-this-and-that syndrome? Not proud of it, but in my defense; I write better and faster under intense self-inflicted pressure.

So after fulfilling my duty as a responsible student, I needed to appease this screaming tummy! I did what any good (good is subjective) girl would….

My heart jumped, my jaw dropped, my tongue flipped and every nerve in my body tingled in sheer excitement – or was that hunger, I’m not certain.

Creamy blanket of cold smooth Haagen Dazs’ Cappucino Truffle ice cream atop a never-enough block of chocolate brownie which was a tad warm and fudgey on the inside, mmmm; finished off with viscous caramel sauce that was a no-no for the faint-hearted.

With every spoonful, I went to dessert heaven and back.

Long-lasting pleasure indeed.

Well-worth every arduous hour spent in hunger today.


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