Welcome to Countless Plates!


And I love that I’ve always been blessed to have
good food & good people to share them with.

I’ve always enjoyed my little bouts of Nigella Lawson-ness (c’mon we’re allowed to dream right?), my pigging out after a hard day’s work (my way of saying “Yay me!”), my satisfying every unreasonable craving and now I’m enjoying each and every one of it with you, here at Countless Plates.

 Do share your favourite food places and your tweaks to recipes that I feature! Contact me via email or Twitter to share a recipe or recommend me new food places. Thank you for dropping by!

Hop on over to Countless Plates Gallery to view my humble collection of favourites.

With love, Su


Who is Su?

I go by the name Suhaila; which means gentle and easy. Although I do agree on the ‘easy’ part, ‘gentle’ is hugely questionable lol. I am 25 this year, and furthering my studies in an institution located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore. Does this explain why I’m always bingeing on snacks or at food places that are in the heart of town?

My course of study has nada to do with cooking, nutrition and the likes. Food is purely a hobby; though I do wish to receive formal training in years to come. That’d be a swell idea!

Where and how did I learn how to cook?

I’d like to admit. I was not a natural cook. I started out in love with baking. Almost everything under the Sun that could be baked, will be baked at least once in my kitchen. The obsession for cookies, cakes and puddings lead to experimenting with meats, seafood and potatoes.

I refused learning how to cook about 6 years ago, as I thought that knowing how to cook would reduce me into domestic slavery after marriage. My exact thoughts:

Why should I learn how to cook? So that I can go get a degree and masters to get married and be dumped in the kitchen? Erm no thanks!

I’m pretty sure some young ladies reading this blog too have the same sentiments. Well, I was defiant. Until a conversation with my Mum changed it. My Mum’s a housewife and she explained that yes, though she does spend hours in the kitchen; she cooks to see that smile on our faces and so that we’d gather as a family to talk over meals. Therein lies my reason for the love of cooking: Food brings joy and foster better ties. Family, friends or total strangers, it doesn’t matter.

From then on, when a cooking show comes on cable, I’d watch intently and take down notes as well as recipes that I will almost always try out immediately. My Mum guided me through the ways in the kitchen, from shopping for groceries, cleaning fish and meats, preparing dishes and the whole works. I’ll admit that she almost gave up on me because I was such a kitchen klutz! So if you think you’re no good at cooking or baking, it’s perfectly alright and I totally empathise with you! Practice practice practice. You’ll get better in no time!

Cooking or baking?

To date, my heart is still set at baking. Most baking recipes require some preparations and then pop it in the oven from a few minutes for pastries to 1-2 hours for meats. And voila, your dish is done! It’s almost like magic. Besides, I usually use the oven-cooking time to run along with other chores. Baking makes your main dish and your dessert. What’s there not to love?

What is my favourite food?

I love all kinds that have vanilla, caramel, chocolate, pasta, rice, chicken, cheese, herbs, spices and potatoes. Did I just describe just about everything? Haha I love food, all kinds of cuisine – I’m not afraid to try it at least once! I go on dates with my Mister and we try to vary our intake, for variety’s sake. I’m glad for a significant other who loves gorging on calories as much as I do. Diets are clearly not in our vocabulary!

Why Countless Plates?

Well, why not? I love food and you, obviously stumbled across this space for the same love of food too. I’ve been ogling, making, sharing food these years and I think it’s time to pass this joy on. It’s truly a labour of love, whether you’re making it for yourself or for someone else.

I eat out 50% of the time, and I’m always faced with the famous question:

Where to eat ah?

I’m hoping, this blog also serves its purpose to recommend food places to answer that question. I’ve not tried everything under the hot Singapore sun so I’d like to know your favourite places too!

As for snapping food photos, I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember and I pick up tips from my other half, books, youtube and other foodbloggers. No formal training whatsoever, so pardon me if they’re not of professional standards. I’m still learning and practising!

And with all my heart, I thank you for visiting and trying out the food places and recipes I scribbled about. I promise I’ll write more in my free time. There’s loads that I wanna share! xx



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