Worth Every Cent

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d realise that I tried to subconsciously influence you to go for the Ramadhan buffet at a quaint place in the vicinity of Arab St lol. This time, I’m gonna be more blatant about it.

So, about 4 days ago, was the usual weekday Iftar date with my favourite fireboy. I have been aching to get my hands on some decent Nasi Sambal Goreng from Kandahar St; only to be greeted by a zombietown of a bazaar. Yup, serves me right for choosing to go on a Wednesday evening.

Dragged my feet browsing through a few open ones like this busy mini-vadai stall


my yearly must-have lemang fix stall (yesssssahh!).

My Nasi Sambal Goreng disappointment was short-lived when we aimlessly walked through Bussorah Street and discovered a much better deal at Bushra Cafe.

One that costed $9.50.

For less than ten bucks each, we got to choose a main dish from a choice of 10 types of Fried Rice or Noodles and a filled-to-the-brim table buffet of fresh greens, hot finger snacks, traditional Malay kuehs, tantalising dessert, ice-cream and a free-flow of hot and cold drinks. I’ll be quick to defend that the choices weren’t plenty, but the food tasted exactly as they looked.

Authentic and spot-on quality.

Costed a little more than the intended simple fix, but the food was a whole lot more than what my stomach had expected.

Some days later, my fellow Instagrammer friend @_raz decided to give this place a try. I swear I almost died from the responsibility I felt for recommending the place but this is what she had to say (taken off her IG):

“…I was so full till I got no room for ice-cream. Food was nice.. I love the kuih-kuihs the best! Worth every cent!..”

With slightly more than a week left of Ramadhan, this entry may come a little late but it’s definitely worth your every cent. Besides, this majestic beauty welcomes you for some heart & soul indulgence right after, only 20 steps away.

Bushra Cafe

Ramadhan Buffet: $9.5o/adult and $6.00/child



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7 responses to “Worth Every Cent

  1. Sofian

    ian – i always love the way u write ur post, purfect…. and the pics makes our friends out their go hungry. lol. Your partner in crime 😉

    • Hello love!

      Haha thank you so much! This is a part of me you have yet to explore. Only my lecturers get to read my essays. See you tomorrow! Nak makan kat mane ehhhhhhhh………. xx

  2. Razni K

    hey U.. tks for recommending this place to me,(and mentioning me on yr blog- I’m honored).. I’m not really a big fan of spending too much for Iftar, let’s be honest here, after a full day of fasting, yes, I must admit we are hungry, but I don thk u can fill yr tummy to the max wz extravagant buffet line served food, eg, at a big hotels, to ur heart content.. anyway I’m not really a big eater, so the rice or noodles n finger food served here at Bushra Cafe are more than enuff for me.. Alhamdullilah..
    they shud hv more such buffets here in our small city, rather than the usual buffets that we locals frequented which to me is overpriced.. heh!
    I guess we shall wait for next year Ramadhan – Insya Allah..for u to recommend such joints..? Keep on blogging babe..
    xoxo Razni♥♥

    • Hi Razni!!!

      Omg I just know your name like now.. Haha.. And nice name btw! I’m extremely happy that you were satisfied with it! Yes, actually it is true what you said; we have a gazillion cravings during our fasting period, and time Iftar, it’s quite shocking for our stomach to take in so much at one go.

      Bushra Cafe was an accidental find really. But yes, Insya Allah, I do hope to find good & reasonably-prices Halal joints all over! Very jelak to eat at the same places over & over again eh.. Thank you so much! =)


  3. cik kal

    Sue, i shall try Bushra Cafe…Wow, u betol2 xplore…nice, good food..And affordable somemoreeee..Heh, tks.

    • Hieeeeee Kak Som!!

      I miss you, you know!?

      Yes pls do try. I like the Nasi Goreng Kampung & Beef Fried Rice most. The place is very ordinary but I find it very value for money, this buffet! Nasi/Mee normal price is $6.50.. + $3.00 get drinks and all those sides. Puteri Salat & Bingka Ubi sedap!

      I really really hope you’re doing well ok! Take care! =)

      • cik kal

        Alhamdullilah, we’re okae rite now..Yaaaaaaa, sue..i miss you too. Lamer tak jumpa kan? You are so buzy with yr exams & yet you sempat masak…wow that good… thumbs up..Jelez kak som tengok you’re so good in cooking, especially the kuah rawan. I’ve penned down all yr recipes, tunggu tiba & saat nya saja.

        InsyaAllah, kiter ketemu lagi ya.. Byeee..

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