Hello lovelies!

How has your Ramadhan been so far? I’m hoping it’s been good for you and your loved ones. Personally, I’ve been noticing myself to be a little less sickly and much less sloth-like. I will now reluctantly try to believe the saying “You are what you eat.” I’m clearly in denial gorging shamelessly on em calories!

My Ramadhan has been great! My bunch of friends are mostly Chinese, and they’d wait till 7.20pm to munch on dinner together. On rides home, they’d inquisitively ask about Sahur, Iftar and other phenomenons related to the fasting month. And they in turn, would share their bits on the Hungry Ghost festival. Blessed. Back at home, there hasn’t been any dip in food supply. I have a couple of Muslim neighbours, and it’s been barter trade these few days! Mad love! Totally basking in the spirit of the holy month. =)

I’ll be posting a traditional recipe up soon! Like really soon. And I’ll prolly start my little cookie factory this week because I’m expecting a wave of hectic days in the coming weeks. So, cookie recipes too, yes?

Anyhoo, you have a good week ahead! Be good ok?

PS: I’ve been an Instagram addict the past weeks. If you got here from my IG, HELLO YOU! If you do have IG on your Iphone, add me up: suhaila_08. I’ve been browsing through a daily stream of food porn in there!

With love, Su


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