Twenty-nine Days

This evening, in the midst of the usual family dinner, we gathered by the radio to hear that tomorrow would officially be the arrival of a blessed month that every Muslim look forward to each year: Ramadhan. It is a month where one ideally detoxifies their mind, body, heart and soul.

Personally, in Ramadhan – food, ironically, seem to be in exceptional abundance (we are such blessed creatures, y’know?) and it truly warms the heart to share them with neighbours, family and friends.

And just for you, lovelies, I’d planned out a few things to share throughout these 29 days:

Sahur Recipes

For sahur or pre-dawn meal, my family traditionally needs just about anything as long as it came with rice; to store up energy for the day. So, I figure I’ll share a few recipes that you can prepare the night before, and heat up just before dawn.

Iftar Recipes – Desserts / One-dish Meals

Iftar, or more commonly known as breaking of fast, would usually be take-aways with the exception of occasional one-dish home-cooked meals. Most of the time, I like to prepare desserts because I’ve got a sweet tooth by nature. Ain’t no surprise that everyone else in my family does too!

Iftar Venues

It’s quite commonplace here in Singapore to have restaurants and food joints fully-booked during the Ramadhan evenings between 7-7.30pm. I’m quite guilty of choking up the bookings too, because there is just something about sharing a hearty meal outside with family or friends after a long day of abstinence.


I’ll be posting a few on Countless Plates Gallery. I hope it’ll help you decide where or what to have for iftar with your loved ones.


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