Some kind of Wonderful

4 years ago, when my Mum finally had enough guts to let me have 50/50 reign of the kitchen (I was the biggest kitchen klutz that ever lived, I swear.), I began my quest of finding the perfect recipe for each and every one of my favourite savoury and sweet sauces and dips. OCD much.

Butterscotch sauce makes its way to number 3 in my top 10 favourites. I’ve made this close to 50 times (not kidding) with different variations of ingredients and methods of cooking. But this recipe that I’m sharing is partly traditional and partly because I’m biased towards espresso. Hehe.

Making Espresso Butterscotch sauce is such a quick process, you’ll be done even before you can say ‘butterscotch‘. Promise! Haha you’d have to drag your syllables though.

4 tbsp Butter

8 tbsp Demerara Sugar *

1/2 tsp Espresso #

5 tbsp Heavy Cream

2 tbsp Lyle & Scott Golden Syrup

1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence

Pinch of salt

*Can be replaced with Dark Muscovado or Brown Sugar

# Don’t even think about replacing this. Seriously.

Mix sugar with espresso. In a pan, over minimal heat, slightly melt the butter. Add in your sugar mixture. Note that it will be grainy and lumpy at first. It’ll melt and start bubbling, so be sure to use a whisk to constantly mix em about. Over time, as the sugar burns, it will adopt a slight gold shade.

At this point, incorporate the heavy cream in while whisking. Whisk away! Till the pure whiteness of the cream dissipates into your liquid gold. By now, it’ll be a brighter gold. Now, drizzle in golden syrup while… yep you guessed it, more whisking!

Give your wrist a short break, by adding in the vanilla essence and sprinkle in the salt. Then, resume whisking routine. Raise the heat by a notch and watch it bubble. Whisk and bubble, whisk and bubble, and stop! Anti-climatic, IKR.

Yeah, once it turns a beautiful bronzy caramel brown, take the pan off the heat and set it aside to cool. As it cools, you’re set to fiddle with it!

Make it drizzle, fo’ shizzle!

Cooled, it will start to assume that beautiful molten texture that make em boys and girls go gaga over. Use a spoon (or your finger, whichever) to sneak a taste, if it needs more vanilla or salt.

Have you finished saying ‘butterscotch’ yet? You should’ve by now. Toldja it’s that quick and simple. It should smell like caramel with hints of espresso, taste like toffee and leaves the aftertaste of honey.

Definitely some kind of wonderful. =)

Are we at the end of this recipe yet?

Nahh, this is just the beginning of 35872942 other sweet treats!

Pancakes, toast dip, cookies, french toast, scones, muffin and cupcake glaze, bread loaves, puddings, sundaes! Go crazy!


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