Oh it’s nothing Much, really

You know; there are times when you walk through a store, telling yourself you don’t need or want anything, subconsciously vowing to yourself you’re never taking your wallet out and then you walk out the store, peering into the plastic bag, keeping the change in your wallet and under your breath, consoling yourself
“Oh it’s nothing much, really.”


That’s what happened to me today. (That’s what always happens to me when I walk through any Marks & Spencer store. WHY!)

Well, here’s a peek at my oh-it’s-nothing-much-really accidental snags from M&S today! Clue: They’re all chocolate!

1) These babies always make their way into my fridge every month, somehow.
With credits of course, to my all-time favourite domestic goddess Nigella Lawson, for always having new must-try chocolate recipes that call for Chocolate Buttons.

It’s a win-win with these.

New recipe, I’d pop them in.
No new recipe, I’d pop them in(to my mouth).

2) Gotta love these Dark Chocolate Digestives.

So, they say that opposites attract.
Definitely so in their case – hearty wholemeal digestive biscuits
meets indulgent melt-in-your-hands rich dark chocolate.

And they lived happily messily ever after. True story.

3) The thing I adore about M&S confectionery is the
little prose of a description printed on their packaging.
Teasingly tempts you of what lies beneath.

Get your hankies ready, this is gonna get ugly!

Oh, forget the hankies and lick your fingers clean when you’re done with these Toffee Viennese!

Till my next accidental buy; goodnight lovelies!

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